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James Kitchens is a small family run business operating on the Gold Coast in Queensland, catering for mostly residential renovations. Being a small business, James Kitchens needed to find a reliable solution to protect their software licence. Therefore, investing in Planit's Cabinet Vision software was not only a big step forward for them, but also an important part of growing their business. Scott James, Manager at James Kitchens, found that most insurance brokers didn’t understand what he was asking for.

Scott explains, “Other companies would assume I wanted to insure my laptop. After explaining multiple times what the dongle was, they kept assuming it was a $20 USB flash drive from the local computer shop.” Finally when he found an insurance broker who knew exactly what he was after, they considered it too high risk and they wouldn’t insure it.

The Solution

When Planit approached James Kitchens to talk about the support and software update benefits that are a part of the Planit Customer Care service, it was the licence protection also included in the package that sealed the deal for James Kitchens.

Stephen Cugley, General Manager of Planit says, “What most businesses don’t realise is that their software isn’t automatically covered under their contents insurance. If your key was lost or stolen, you may not be covered leaving you up for the full price of your key to be replaced.


James Kitchens now continue to produce kitchens through Cabinet Vision knowing that they have their Cabinet Vision licence protected.



Planit’s Customer Care program provides a replacement service for lost or stolen licences*. Simply obtain a Police Report and with a small administration fee, you can replace your license, giving you peace of mind.


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*Conditions Apply

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