Cabinet Vision improves productivity & saves time

Victorian based company, North Geelong Joinery chose to implement Cabinet Vision into their manufacturing processes. Owner Toni Siketa, shares that his business has seen Cabinet Vision has saved them a lot of time, which has meant more time for himself and his family. Click below to hear their story.

Benefits of Cabinet Vision for North Geelong Kitchens:

  • For North Geelong Kitchens, making the right choice in software has made the single biggest difference to the company’s success in implementing CNC production
  • "We’re saving a lot of time, which gives me more time for me and my family"
  • “We’re producing at least twice as much as what we were before, and this has all happened over the past six to eight months — so it’s happened very quickly.”


Cabinet Vision has helped thousands of Australian Businesses in improving their systems and processes in order to be more efficient, competitive and successful. Cabinet Vision provides you with the complete set of tools needed to design and details your project, and connect directly with your CNC. Ensure you maximise your CNC with the right software to drive it. 

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About the Company:

North Geelong Joinery prides itself on providing clients with the complete range of cabinetry and joinery services. Based in Geelong, Victoria, they offer custom case goods and millwork projects that range from residential kitchens to one-of-a-kind vanities, wardrobes and doors As an added bonus for customers, NGK fulfils all of its painting needs in-house, which enables the company to flexibly respond to project changes and meet or exceed quality expectations.

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