Manny Koum, proprietor of McKinnon Cabinets, had never used a computer before when he made the bold jump into computer-aided design and manufacturing at his Darwin factory.

The workshop had been drawing everything by hand and cutting on a panel saw before installing Planit’s Solid Manufacturing software and a flatbed router.

“We had been going well, but Planit took me along to another cabinet maker and showed me what they were doing. I was sold on the system. Since installing it ourselves, we’ve never looked back,” Manny said.

“I just love it and can’t believe what the program can do. It accommodates any job and makes life so much easier.”

Solid Manufacturing has nesting capabilities that give the best possible material utilisation, while cutting and routing in a single sweep through the machine.

“It can handle 30 jobs at one time – that’s why I love it. And it never goes wrong, once the design is completed,” Manny said.

“It’s a lot faster and you don’t have to worry about the job when it’s been sent to the machine. Everything is done for you.”

As with anything new, Solid Manufacturing required training to familiarise the staff. “I trained another guy first, as I didn’t have the time. Then I learned the program myself and – although I hadn’t used a computer before – got too fast for my own good!”

Manny found that he didn’t need to employ additional workers as his business expanded. “We’re doing more work with the same number of people. It’s unbelievable.”

He estimates that in the three years since installing the Planit program and the flatbed router, his investment has already produced a positive financial return – and more.


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