When Tony Sahyoun, proprietor of Mathews Kitchens, chose a CNC machine to automate his cutting, he understood the crucial importance of installing a compatible software package to complement it.

He estimates the CNC machine and Cabinet Builder software have together boosted productivity at Mathews Kitchens by 60-70 per cent. The company can now take on more work without adding staff, which means higher profits.

The western Sydney custom manufacturing business does a range of work including kitchens, shop fittings, home theatre, wardrobe and laundry fit-outs. As is typical in the business, the cabinetry is all made-to-measure.
When he started shopping for software, Mr Sahyoun had already decided to purchase a Weeke CNC machine from the German Homag group.

“Lots of friends who’ve got the Weeke said you must have the right design software to get the best out of the machine,” he said.

Mathews Kitchens had previously used a design program that allowed customers to view their cabinetry in three dimensions, but wasn’t integrated with the workshop’s cutting operations. Mr Sahyoun knew the time had come to upgrade.

He did his homework before purchasing Cabinet Builder from Planit. “I approached the company and their rep was great, very helpful. We took it from there.”

Mr Sahyoun went to Planit for a week’s training in the use of the software and then a trainer came to his premises in Granville for a further week.

“Before, I wasn’t even confident about using a computer, but after training I felt comfortable with the software. It’s great now. I would certainly recommend it to others.

“Cabinet Builder’s design capacity is good and it’s very easy to use. The software and the CNC cutter communicate beautifully.

“We previously took days to make a kitchen. Now we can design the kitchen and send it to the machine in about 15 minutes. Cutting takes half an hour, with another half hour to assemble.

“Overall we can pump out the work much faster, which has helped our customer service. People want their kitchens done quick smart these days.

“For one client, we completed his kitchen in three days, from design through to installation. He was on top of the world!”

Proprietor Tony Sahyoun (holding up CabinetBuilder plan) with cabinet maker Nick Giakoumis (on right) and apprentice cabinet maker Jonathan Mesias (on left) in front of a Weeke Vantage router.


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