Boosting Turnover.

It is always positive to hear clients anticipate turnover boost after installing our software. 

H&H Cabinets at Burwood, Melbourne, chose Planit because it needed flexibility and versatility with its new CNC cutting machinery. Its clients range from private customers to larger scale developments. So the investment in Planit software at the
beginning of this year followed research and word of mouth recommendations. 

H&H Managing Director Dale Healy confirmed the company would be able to use the software for both design/ marketing and manufacturing purposes. Six months into using Planit, both he and his staff were up to speed with the system. 

“It took a bit of training to begin with, but I am now extremely happy with the result. The system is great for optimising the materials used in the cabinet making process but it’s also flexible enough to allow you to make adjustments if you’ve decided to rethink a design.” 

New efficiencies engendered by Planit had boosted H&H’s turnover by around 20 per cent since its installation, he said, adding he had also been impressed by our service standard, which stretched beyond its own product. 

“I initially contacted Planit and told them I was interested in upgrading my software, but they also worked with me to find the right CNC system to interface with their product. I was disappointed with my previous provider but I couldn’t be more satisfied with Planit. Their sales service is second to none.” 

Initially hesitant regarding the investment of around $60,000 required to upgrade to Planit, Mr Healy now says he hasn’t looked back. 

“It’s been a big outlay and a steep learning curve, but we’ve already seen significant gains in the last six months. However, I’d say over the next six months we’ll really start to see even greater gains,” he said.


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