Divine Kitchens: Solid Advanced with S2M Standard

The Need to Grow

Divine Kitchens has seen a tremendous amount of growth in two years, since its humble beginnings in a backyard shed in South-Western Sydney. Established by brothers Josh and Joe Franzone, Divine Kitchens, builds kitchens, vanities, wardrobes and other small cabinetry work.


After working as Cabinetmarkers in other businesses, the brothers decided to venture out on their own and establish their own business. Initially, they were lucky to get two jobs per week, so with great guidance from their father and with their own motivation to grow a successful business, they began to look at how they could start expanding.


Growing the Business

Having seen Cabinet Vision where they previously worked, Josh and Joe knew they wanted to use this software. After downloading the 30-day Solid Essential Online trial, they attended one of Planit’s Open Days. They were keen to start establishing their own system and began using Solid Essential Online to draw jobs for clients and produce 3D rendered drawings.

Having calculated that outsourcing would not be cost-effective and limited the amount of control they would have, Josh and Joe knew they wanted to do it themselves.

During the 2012 AWISA trade show, the boys discovered that the Biesse Skill was what they needed. After the machine was commissioned, they knew the only way to gain real benefits for their investment they needed to upgrade their software. After talking it through with Planit, Solid Advanced with S2M Standard was the right fit. Everything that they had developed and learnt in Solid Essential Online was carried into the new level, which meant that the upgrade was made smoother.


Implementing the Solution

Integrator Garry Thoroughgood was there to carry out all the integration work, including the in-house training to help set-up their system and build their library before going onsite to connect to the machine and have everything running smoothly. Both Josh and Joe commend how Garry’s approach has benefited their business ever since.

Joe explained that, “Garry worked through the entire business with us, recommended changes to help make us more profitable, and even helped us create a Business Plan. The way Planit integrated the software into our business; they showed us how to do it, which means we have the control. With Planit, it’s not all about the software; it is about the whole business”.

Josh makes the comment, “it was scary how so many changes were happening, but having someone like Garry there helped put everything into perspective. He really went above and beyond for us”.

The Help Desk support that was available after Planit had been onsite also helped to ensure a smooth integration. Joe explained that, “Anytime we had a problem, I’d give myself ten minutes to work it out, and if I couldn’t, I’d give the guys on Help Desk a ring and I knew that they’d be able to help me out. It’s the best type of support you can have”.

At Planit, our focus is on implementing a solution that improves businesses as a whole, rather than just selling software. We want to have relationship with customers and provide services that support businesses that really want to get the most out of their software.  


Continued Growth

Since implementing both machine and software into their business, Josh and Joe can see their return on investment.

Joe commented that, “It was all money well spent and with the money we’ve saved, we have been able to put it back into other parts of the business and have been able to afford a new van, computer and forklift”.

The business is still in strong growth stages, with the guys adding a Drafter additional key to help in their sales process and taking on an apprentice cabinet-maker.  The brothers have the business mentality of investing in the business early.

Joe described it as “pump money into the business early”, which is backed up by Josh's comments, “If you need it, don’t second guess yourself”.


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