Custom joinery company DG & AM Bernard of Willow Tree, near Tamworth, has found the Solid Design program from software provider Planit to be an excellent marketing tool that is helping the company win more business.

“It has made our presentations to clients so much easier and better, probably improving our sales because we can demonstrate more professionally than our competitors,” said David Bernard, joint proprietor of DG & AM Bernard.

The company, which manufactures kitchens, office fit-outs, wardrobes, vanities and general cabinetry, supplies to builders as well as private customers such as wineries and horse studs in the Hunter Valley.

“We cover a wide geographical area. Clients either come in to us or we take a laptop out to them. Solid Design has turned out to be an excellent marketing tool, when combined with Photo Vision.

“It gives a 3D computerised view, virtually photo quality, that impresses people so much. We can email these designs to customers or show them on-screen. Changes to shapes, colours, textures and laminates can be made quickly and simply.

“Previously we cut all our materials from hand-drawn plans. Now we’re producing plans with a full set of elevations. Because of the amount of detail in the elevations, they are easier for the guys in the shed to work from, reducing mistakes.”

Mr Bernard found the Solid Design program simple to learn and very user friendly. “I’m basically computer illiterate, having never really used a computer before. But after two days training at Planit, I came home and started drawing plans straight away.

“Planit give us ongoing back-up, but I find we don’t have to use it much at all.”
Would he go back to the old way of drawing designs by hand? “No! The days of hand-drawn plans are well and truly gone,” he said.

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