Overtime turns into spare time with Nested Based Manufacture

When the whirr of machinery and the buzzing of saws can be heard at a factory in the evening hours it could be assumed that a successful business is at work meeting yet another crisis deadline for a client. 

On the other hand it could be an alarm bell ringing for tired business owners and factory managers realising that there must be a better way to improve, upgrade or install systems to streamline the flow of the factory’s production. 

Owners of a specialist commercial cabinet making company, David Hughes and Gary Danby of Danby Concept Consolidated in Victoria, were looking for ways to get keep their competitive edge, improve factory turn around time and massively reduce the need for overtime by tired staff. 

The challenge was that the factory was flat out working on planned jobs and with a deluge of rush jobs it made the need for overtime worse than ever. This led David and Gary to make enquiries about ‘Nested Based Manufacturing’ (NBM) that they’d read about in industry trade magazines and seen at trade shows. 

Over the years both men have embraced new technologies and despite having computerised CNC Point to Point machinery, 2 beam saws, and fully qualified tradespeople they knew it was time to change their systems. 

Nested based manufacturing is a long established method for producing doors and fixed pattern generation for stock component producers and it is now recognised that cabinet makers in the United States have been using flatbed routers to cut carcasses as well – and with impressive results. 

David and Gary contacted us and we demonstrated the Cabnetware NBM software and they consequently took an enthusiastic leap of faith in Planit to be the first nesting site in Victoria to utilise the Cabnetware NBM system. They installed the Australian made Tekcel 3600 x 1800mm Flat Bed Router, complete with Auto Tool Changer and the Cabnetware NBM software. 

With staff already strong users of the Cabnetware software and experienced CNC machinery the transition was smooth. David says the machines virtually run themselves and there is no need for extra qualified tradesmen as labourers are now able to assemble. “Once I show a new assembler how it all comes together, they are quick to learn – it’s that simple – as all parts come off the machine ready to edge and assemble. 

“We now have the ability to machine any shape, no longer needing to outsource some aspects of our jobs, and we are able to get phenomenal material yields.” The installation has been a huge success with Danby Concept 

Consolidated turning over record levels producing three times its previous volume and overtime is now a rarity. A second machine has now been installed to keep up with the growing demand for their high quality work. David and Gary are very glad they
took a chance and made the big leaps needed to get, and stay, in front of the competition by making a change in their whole system – not just parts of it.

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