38% More Throughput with Half the staff

Curfew Cabinets are now reaping the rewards from their decision to embrace nested based manufacturing through the implementation of Cabinet Vision Solid Manufacturing
supplied by Planit WA. 

Roland and Dennes Van Zelst attended a nesting Seminar conducted by Planit WA at Master Cabinets last year. After talking to Jim Baros and Wally Ferrari from Master Cabinets about how Cabinet Vision and nesting had impacted on their business, Roland and Dennes didn’t muck around. They immediately ordered Cabinet Vision from Planit WA and a new flatbed from Homag Australia. 

The installation was started the middle of September in 2005 and was completed within four weeks with everything up and running with ALL their work being processed through the software. The impact was immediate! All of a sudden they had excess capacity. 

They went from a frantic situation where everything was rush, rush and rush to a situation where they could achieve their current throughput comfortably with far less staff – WOW! Planit WA asked Dennes if he wouldn’t mind sharing some statistics
Curfew had been monitoring. Dennes very generously agreed to provide the figures below which reflect their first 3 months using Cabinet Vision. 

Before Nesting                                   
Waste Bins 2 Bins/Week @ $25/Bin  
White Board * 7-8 packs/month                 
Labour -Machinist ** 2 x Tradesmen @ $7,000/month
Labour – Assembly *** 7 x Tradesmen @ $21,000/month
Job Throughput **** 5-16/month + private
* White Board. Based on original throughput

After Nesting                                                                        Monthly Change Waste Bins Less than 1 Bin/week                                       Saving of $100 
White Board 6-7 packs per month                                        Saving of $1, 600
Labor - Machinst 10 hours week by boss                           Saving of $6,000 
Labour – Assembly 4 x Tradesmen @ $12,000/month        Saving of $9,000
Job Throughput - 20-22/month + private                              Extra 6 jobs/month

Cabinet Vision’s optimising software is providing up to 20% better yields. This saving alone more than covers the cost of the software. 

** Labour – Machinist.
Before nesting, they employed 2 tradesmen full-time on the panel saws. Now the boss
operates the flatbed for 2-3 hours a day. 

*** Labour – Assembly. These 4 guys are handling not only the original work load but are also pumping through the extra 6 jobs/month. 

**** Job Throughput. The parts come off the flatbed with all the construction joints in place. Assembly is now a breeze. If there is a hole there – you put something in it. The skill level required to assemble even the most complicated cabinets like the angled corner cabinet below is minimal. The mortice and tenon construction method adopted by Curfew ensures everything fits together perfectly. 

Roland and Dennes had not planned to invest in nesting for at least another 12 months but due to factors including
• Labour Shortages,
• Increases in Labour Costs,
• Problem employees – sickies, private jobs and prima donnas,
• Availability of more work – provided they could handle it, they decided to bring their
plans forward. 

Now all the jobs are set out using Cabinet Vision and downloaded to the flatbed. 

The whole process takes hardly any time at all. ......... and the results are stunning! 

How has all this impacted on costs?
The lease payments on the flatbed and the software cost around $5,000 a month and this creates savings of:-
Waste Bins $100
White Board $1,600
Labour – Machinist $6,000
Labour – Assembly $9,000

That 's a direct saving of over $11,000/ month PLUS they are now producing 38%
more throughput for the same effort. 

What do you reckon that’s doing to the bottom line? 

So what improvements can Curfew look forward to in the future.
• The flatbed is working only 2 to 3 hours a day (25% capacity)
• If they employed two more guys, they could increase throughput by 50%
• If they employed four more guys, they could increase throughput by 100% 

They can nearly triple their previous throughput with the same number of staff they had previously and still have the machine working only to 75% capacity! 

The next twelve months for Curfew looks very rosy indeed.

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