ALPHACAM Providing flexibility and productivity for Australian Caravan Manufacturer

Australian Caravan Manufacturer Crusader Caravans recently integrated ALPHACAM into their business. The cabinetry and joinery elements are exported from their 3D Solid Modelling CAD Program and processed through ALPHACAM's CAD Translator. ALPHACAM is able to read a wide range of CAD File Types and easily generates the G-Code for their CNC’s.


We are always trying to push development of our caravans. We are looking towards the future, and Alphacam is helping us enhance our designs by being able to take any shape and send it to the machine.” 

Nirav Patel, CAD-CAM Project Manager at Crusader Caravans


Key Features and Benefits of Alphacam for Crusader Caravans

  • With Alphacam’s CAD Translator:
    • Easily import various CAD File Formats (inc AutoCAD / SolidWorks /etc)
    • Ensures CAD files are processed exactly as drawn, offering a seamless link from Design through to CNC.
  • Multiple CNC outputs allow G-Code to a wide variety of CNCs
  • 3D Views, allow visual validation, reducing errors.
  • Report & Label Generation for shop floor documentation
  • Ability to also machine Plastic and Composite Materials
  • Ongoing Development with a global network of Alphacam Staff



Read more of the Crusader Story

Click Here to read more of how Crusader Caravans recently implemented Alphacam, from Planit into their business, bringing a previously outsourced process in-house to automate more processes and give their design and production teams more flexibility.


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