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Case Study: Creative Kitchens & Joinery (NSW) Pty Ltd


After running their own business in England for four years, Ian and Melissa Kirk decided to make the move to Australia. For the past six years, Ian and Melissa have been running Creative Kitchens & Joinery (NSW) Pty Ltd, located in the south western parts of Sydney. They currently provide a range of services, including manufacturing kitchens, laundries, vanities, bars and outdoor kitchens, entertainment units and other joinery work.

Creative Kitchens & Joinery had a team of 4 staff working in the business, and were producing 1-2 kitchens per week. They were using Solid Essential as a design tool, drawing the designs to help get clients to sign off. They were manually working out a cutting list, and cutting the board to size on their panel saw.

The Goal:

The long-term goal for Creative Kitchens & Joinery was to be able to grow the business and make it more sustainable and profitable. Ian and Melissa had the goal of growing their business to the stage that they had the increased capacity to be able to easily produce 3-4 kitchens a week. They also wanted to make their business more efficient, cut down on wastage and increase overall profits.

Achieving the Goal

So Ian and Melissa decided to invest in a CNC machine, which meant they also needed their software to help streamline the process. The obvious choice was to upgrade their current Cabinet Vision solution. Solid Standard with S2M is what they have implemented, which provides them with the ability to design the job for the customer, and send it straight to their CNC machine; all in the one program. Solid Standard helps the business cut more efficiently and gives greater flexibility to be able to do more detailed cabinetry within jobs.

Ian shared that they chose to take this particular growth path because “We didn’t want to overload the business too quickly. We wanted to take the time and do it successfully”. The business has begun to slowly increase its production capabilities, which allowed the growth Ian and Melissa were looking for.

The Outcome:

Almost one year on since they made the investment; Creative Kitchens & Joinery have the capacity to easily produce 3-4 kitchens per week. On reflection, Melissa shares “work flows more efficiently through the business, the company is saving money by having less wastage, and we are able to take on more work.

The improvements to the operational processes at Creative Kitchens & Joinery have meant things are smoother for the business. Ian shares how “jobs go around the workshop differently now. There are fewer steps involved and the guys are able to complete jobs more efficiently, in less time”. This increase efficiency means there is less labour required for each job, and jobs are spending less time in the factory.

With the increased investments into the business, Ian and Melissa are now looking at a new edgebander to keep up with the workflow, and have the opportunity to look for a new premise.


Planit was able to help Creative Kitchens and Joinery work through their business plan, and provide a solution to match. Ian and Melissa are pleased with the direction their business is taking, and found it very helpful that Planit were able to sit down with them, and discuss the future and provide a solution that best suited them.



Planit staff can help you look at your business, and discover your goals and help you work out a plan to achieve them. Planit are here to provide solutions to your business, and help you achieve your goals.


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