Renovation industry demands trigger upgrade in supply chain.

The explosion in home renovating across the eastern seaboard has had a positive effect on the entire supply chain; to the point where some manufacturers made significant upgrades to ensure technologically their business meets demand. 

With developers and contractors looking to shave costs from each component of a renovation, one kitchen manufacturer situated on the outskirts of Sydney has made a total modification to fit the bill. 

Camden Kitchens has now fully implemented Planit software and its Managing Director, Mr John Smith, reports the software has been instrumental in the company’s acquisition of new contracts in the competitive renovator supply chain. 

“Planit software has changed business for us 100% as far as time, drawing and
machine operation goes,” said Mr Smith. “Without any doubt whatsoever, it has saved at least 50% in operating times which effectively is like doubling our business when you consider the time that it frees up for us to concentrate on expansion. 

“Previously, we used to draw sketches by hand and work out purely by mind how it was best to cut the sections by panel saw; so obviously this would take much more time and the chances for wastage were much higher. 

“By contrast, now we simply draw the job and load it into the computer which sends it down to our CNC Multicam machine. “It has given us much more time, better economies of scale, dramatically reduced the quantity of waste, and provided us with incredibly good accuracies during the production process.

“Our strongest market at the moment is New South Wales, but we have set up our operations platform so we can expand nationally at the drop of hat when the right contracts come up,” said Mr Smith. 

“Even though we only have five employees, the software has given capabilities to make each of these employees are dynamic performer. “Planit software has given us more time to take on more work.”

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