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Some of our customer base - particularly in New South Wales and Queensland - may well remember Cameron Cox from a few years ago when he worked at Solspec. 

For quite some time, Cameron had been talking about setting up a business using ‘nested based manufacturing’ that takes customers’ drawing files over the internet and returns to them a manufactured kitchen, fully assembled and ready to collect for their installation team. 

This became a reality in 2004. Cameron, along with business partner Kevin Cavanagh, set up a Brisbane company known as Cabinets On Line to provide this innovative service for the market. 

Three years later, the guys are pumping out as many as 25 kitchens per week and have 12 production employees at their disposal and one part-timer at the office to help oversee business. 

Currently, the organisation is set up to take drawings based in the Cabnetware product & with technological advancement taking place CabinetVision will also be implemented to open up the service to companies using the CabinetVision product. 

The remarkable thing about this strong demand for kitchens to be produced via an
online ordering system is that the high volume of interest is coming solely from the Brisbane metropolitan market! 

To help maintain production flow, and of course make a top quality product, the guys use a fully CNC-driven Anderson 36 x 18 flatbed unit which has several drilling heads and an on-board carousel for fast tool change. 

“We only manufacture [rather than design as well] because we are selective of our
customers and all of these provide precise design specifications in Cabnetware including everything from measurements to colours,” said Kevin Cavanagh. 


“We don’t sell direct to the public. Our customers are normally businesses with
showrooms, or some times we are taking care of overflow for other cabinet making companies.” Customers send through a detailed job sheet based in Cabnetware EDGECAM | Designer and Cabinets On Line manufactures from that. 

“At the moment, we are designing a webbased database for costing and ordering and all trials are pointing to a successful outcome,” said Kevin.
“This system will price each job accurately to the millimetre and this will definitely open up our service to another range of customers that use Cabinet Vision.”

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