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We constantly remind ourselves of the strides made by industry in utilising 3D software capabilities to design and fabricate. Yet in this day and age of the consumer market, 3D visualisation is also a very strong selling tool – as has been demonstrated by Beaumonde Kitchens in Foster-Tuncurry on the NSW north coast. 

Owners of Beaumonde, Morgan Thompson & Anne McAnally, say Cabinet Vision is at the heart of the company’s production process. Basically, it provides a tangible link between concept and finished product even before work begins. 

“Firstly, it provides our designers with an effective 3D presentation format to show clients how their completed kitchen will look,” said Anne. “We can highlight features of the kitchen and easily alter the design, allowing us to get feedback from the client in real time. This gives our company a very professional image and is much more efficient at preparing drawings.” 

The software program also allows Beaumonde Design Kitchens to immediately quote for the client from the chosen design. Our Cabinet Vision software has been important in boosting both the professionalism and operating efficiency of Beaumonde Design Kitchens where its showroom and factory uses the software program to control product design, manufacturing and project scheduling. 

“Using our computerised libraries of standard prices, we can value the complete kitchen – as well as identify the costs of specific features and the effect on the client’s budget of adding or eliminating these features,” said Anne. 

Once a kitchen design is agreed, Cabinet Vision produces a paper print-out that is taken to the client’s home for a check-measure process that ensures the cabinetry will be a perfect fit. The kitchen then moves to the production stage, with the software
program facilitating a clip-and-stick approach by calling on Beaumonde’s standard libraries of cabinet types. 

During production, Cabinet Vision optimises the use of raw materials by creating “jigsaw puzzles” that enables us to get maximum use of each sheet thus reducing the number of required sheets. Components are automatically sawed, routed and bored to the design specifications by a Biesse Rover machining centre. The final product is then assembled in the factory. 

“Cabinet Vision promotes efficiency at our plant by scheduling our production, so that we are neither overloaded nor under-utilised with work. This is hugely helpful,” said Morgan. Ease of use of the software program is another major benefit for Beaumonde, whose competent staff runs the software without the need for onsite IT staff. 

“We subscribe to Planit’s technical support program which our staff can call and ask for help on Cabinet Vision and we’ve found that Planit’s staff is very helpful and good at what they do,” he said. “This support is an absolutely critical part of the program. There’s always professional back-up and you never feel you’re on your own.” 

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