The nesting capabilities of Planit software are saving both time and materials for metal fabrication company Associated Projects and cabinet making company Associated Designcraft, who share premises in Dandenong South. 

Associated Projects is benefiting from the big productivity and metal utilisation gains of Planit’s Radan, while its sister company employing Planit’s Cabinet Vision has greatly reduced its turnaround time and slashed wastage.

Said manufacturing manager Michael Vasilik of Associated Projects: “The biggest benefit for us has been in laser cutting. It’s really good. We can cut multiple parts from sheets and also utilise our discards, cutting other parts from the previously wasted sheet metal. This is something that’s very important to us.”

Associated Projects focuses on custom retail and commercial fit outs. It uses four turret punch presses, with three of these and a laser cutter directed by Radan software.

“We were one of the first to adopt Radan when it first came to Australia. We had been using another program that wasn’t working well, so we looked around and found Radan,” Michael recalled.

“Radan was a major improvement, making a dramatic difference to both our speed and efficiency.”

The company is still using legacy software for some of its designing, but will soon transfer all the design work to Radan.

“Our operators have found it really good. There have been no difficulties for them. Because of the software’s advantages, I’ve already recommended it to other people.”

Working from the same large, modern building as Associated Projects is Associated Designcraft, which complements the metal fabrication operation with cabinet making capabilities. 

Associated Designcraft was using a different CAD program before upgrading to Planit’s Cabinet Vision a year ago – three years after purchasing a CNC router. “It has made our work a lot easier,” said director Robert Barke.

Cabinet Vision’s nesting capability, which allows cutting and routing and boring of parts to be done in a single operation of the machine, has improved materials utilisation, reducing wastage by 50 per cent.

“Our waste bins are half as full as they used to be,” he observed.

“Cabinet Vision has also made a big difference to our turnaround time. We’re about a third more productive now. As a result we can take on more work.

“As well, fewer mistakes are being made, since the more time a job spends with an operator, the greater the opportunity for errors,” he said.

Engineered for the woodworking and metalworking industries, Planit’s software is a screen-to-machine software system for businesses utilising CNC machinery.

Planit’s Radan and Cabinet Vision help improve workplace productivity, increase material utilisation and reduce inventory.

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