Kitchen company starts manufacturing on best foot with design software

Mick Squires had successfully used Planit woodworking software at his previous employment, so when he joined Artform Kitchens of Gosford, NSW, it was natural that he should want to implement the program there too.

“It’s a fantastic product for both design and manufacturing – simple to use, accurate and minimising materials wastage,” he said.

Artform Kitchens serves the Sydney, Central Coast and Hunter Valley regions. The company had recently moved from being a retailer to a manufacturer, so needed to start on the right foot in terms of best industry practice.

It invested in Planit’s Solid Manufacturing, which is used for designing the kitchens, linked to a Multicam routing and boring machine. The program produces 3D drawings that are emailed or faxed to the customer for sign-off.

Much of the company’s business is repeat work for builders, although some kitchens are sold to individual end-users who are able to come in and inspect the designs on-screen.

“Customers can see what they’re going to get. It’s a good tool for us. There are no manual errors and the cut components all fit together perfectly,” said Mr Squires, who is sales manager at Artform Kitchens.

“Nesting is done automatically, which means there’s very good materials utilisation and minimal waste.

“We’ve got three people using the program, including me. I was already a skilled user and the others have taken to it well. It’s easy to get a grasp of, although of course we’re learning all the time.”

A Planit trainer spent five days at Artform Kitchens during commissioning of the software. Further training of about one day a year is scheduled. The online help-line is used occasionally.

Mr Squires has booked to go down to Planit “to enhance our knowledge”, as the company intends to expand its kitchen range. “We’ll learn more about what the system does, utilising its flexibility.

“I absolutely recommend the program to others. It’s a valuable tool that we couldn’t do without. It makes the job so much easier.”

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