Apollo Over The Moon with Super Fast Results

Any cabinet maker that is supplying kitchens to a large number of builders needs excellent levels of efficiency and productivity.

Our flagship product, Cabinet Vision, never fails the test and often, the harder the manufacturing challenge, the better its results become. And these results are normally measured in a very short space of time. 

Take for instance Sydney cabinet design company Apollo Kitchens. This company has rationalised its design, cutting, staff recruitment and training and marketing capabilities with Cabinet Vision software which we supplied and which easily interfaces with
computer driven cutting machines. 

Apollo Kitchens, which manufactures for builders in areas ranging from project homes to multi-storey high-rise developments and home renovations, achieved standout productivity gains from Cabinet Vision since its purchase two years ago.
Company Director, Mr Charbel Bader.

Confirmed that Cabinet Vision is a wellpresented, cost effective package that can the get the job done with minimal fuss. “The Cabinet Vision system has given us the flexibility to manufacture and manipulate kitchen design both for our clients and for our production team,” said Mr Babel. 

“While there are a number of these software packages on the market we went with
Cabinet Vision because of Planit’s commitment to service and training. “We also bought the nesting machines and the software as a package and found that Cabinet Vision was easy to learn and extremely user-friendly. 

“The software has undoubtedly accelerated our completion times from a production point of view and has enabled us to take on more work and grow our company.
“I would say it has increased productivity by around 20%, while sales have also been boosted by around 20%. 

Furthermore, we have been able to train new members of staff more quickly and easily, which has allowed us to create a multi skilling approach to all projects across our business. 

“From both a marketing and a project management point of view we have also been able to provide our clients, installers and dispatch with a fully detailed overview of the kitchen design, thus removing the error factor and ensuring standout quality assurance.”

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