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Vero's Largest Reseller Conference


Earlier this year, Stephen Cugley (General Manager) and Graham Rutter (Operations Manager) took the opportunity to attend the Vero Software Global Reseller Conference. The conference was the first since last year's merger of Vero and Planit Software.

This year's locations was in Lisbon, Portugal, and allowing the 171 delegates to meet and see the latest product developments, discuss future product direction and get an insight into the future business plans of the Vero Group. Stephen described the trip as "a great opportunity to meet and network with resellers from around the world, and bring back ideas that we can use in Australia".

Stephen and Graham found the conference both enjoyable and educational, some interesting points they learnt include::

     - An early look at Cabinet Vision V8, Cabnetware V10 and Screen 2 Machine Centre V5   

     - A strategic look at the 2013 product roadmap for AlphaCAM that included an introduction to Waveform Roughing and a review of AlphaCAM Art (an artistic applicatioin that automatically creates 3D relief models typically used in the woodworking and engraving industries).

     - An introduction into the other existing Vero products including VISI, Radan and EdgeCAM.

sc_gr_sightseeing.jpgIt was not all business for Stephen and Graham, they also took the opportunity to enjoy the 35 degrees plus temperatures and do some quick sightseeing in and around Lisbon.      


Stephen and Graham visiting the Pena National Palace in Lisbon, before heading back home



 The Wooden Hog


Reality TV shows such as American Choppers and Orange County Choppers have ignited a lot of interest in custom made motor cycles and we recently came across two guys who are designing their own range of 'hogs'. Bill Holloway and Mauro Hernandex have been building wooden bicycles by hand, taking out all the metal parts and replacing them with recycled wood. The duo head to building sites or places where trees have been lopped, grab their timber and go work. They use their skills in tradtional wood working to create 'art that you can ride'. Each bike is unique and the designs resemble high performance choppers. They're sleek, they've got an edge, they're cool and they're made from old recycled timbers. wooden hog.jpgNot sure how practical they are but we do admire the concept, the innovation and the workmanship.

Gary Bertwistle

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 Happy Father's Day from the Planit Team


From all of the Planit Team, a big Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's our there. We hope you all enjoy spending the day with your family. 


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