Planit Cutting Edge Solutions is pleased to announce the release of the latest updates to VORTEK Spaces. VORTEK Spaces is a virtual presentation tool, allowing projects to be brought to life with custom material selections and walk through renders.

With foot traffic to showrooms quieter than normal, anyone selling kitchens, wardrobes and bathrooms needs to be looking for new ways to showcase their product to homeowners.  With VORTEK Spaces, designers can quickly and easily provide an interactive walkthrough experience that will be exciting – whether it is shared in person, in an email or on social media.

The focal point of this latest release is the introduction of 3D models. VORTEK Spaces now contains ready-to-use models for you to add greater detail and offer a complete look to impress clients with your design. Your clients will be able to explore their project and connect with your design on a personal level, which will ultimately help you win more jobs.


The models available currently include trending kitchen accessories, furniture and outdoor décor to give your design a personalised and complete feel. Using Sketch-Up, users can select to import their own from literally thousands of online models, to add that personal touch.  

Granite Transformation Stone and Laminex colours have also now been added to the material library, expanding the default selection of Australian materials already loaded into VORTEK Spaces.

After using these new features, customers have already begun to share their feedback:.

Just wanted to say that the latest update for VORTEK is incredible! The 3D model imports is a massive time saver. Just wanted to say thanks to you and your team. Keep up the good work.

Adam Sweet – Action Kitchens

I just wanted to touch base and let you know that since the upgrade and being able to use more 3D models than previously , my renders are looking a great deal better.

Michelle Basten – Advanced Cabinetry


For those that haven't seen VORTEK Spaces, sharing your project is easy - that's the aim of VORTEK Spaces. VORTEK Spaces seamlessly imports direct from CABINET VISION, Sketch-Up, and a range of other CAD programs. After selecting as many viewpoints as you wish, the App automatically generates a walkthrough of your space.  You can also add a soundtrack and customise your recording with your company logo in the intro video.  Sharing to YouTube is done right from the App!

You can create Interactive 3D walkthroughs, still rendered images from as many viewpoints as you choose to define, 360 video visits, and interactive VR visits - you have so many presentation options with VORTEK Spaces!

You can find out more regarding this latest update via the VORTEK Spaces YouTube Channel or visiting

VORTEK Spaces is constantly evolving, ensuring users can efficiently and continually give their clients a unique experience by bringing their projects to life.


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