Today, the team at Planit Cutting Edge Solutions pay tribute to our founder, owner, mentor and friend, Anthony Passmore. We are saddened to share the news that Anthony passed away peacefully in his sleep earlier this week.

Since starting at ‘The Solution Specialists’, Anthony was at the forefront of promoting the important role software had in the cabinet and joinery industry. During his first 15 Years, Anthony travelled Australia as a salesman, giving demo’s to customers right across the country.

The theories for implementing the software he believed in led to the formation of the “Turnkey Implementation Approach." The focus was on helping customers manage the change, and ensuring their new system was up and running. Such was the success of this model, Planit quickly became the leading software provider in Australia, gaining recognition as the leading CABINET VISION reseller across the world; an accomplishment we are proud of, still to this day.

In an Article written in the AWISA Magazine following the AWISA 2018 show, contributor Rick Lee interviewed Anthony on the growth of not only Planit, but the rise of software as part of the industry. Anthony commented, “In the early days we would have a trickle of visitors through the stand, now Planit has one of the busiest exhibits throughout the show." Rick also recalled, “Where once, in the early shows, stood two lonely guys and a computer, now stands a two-story exhibit featuring forty plus staff and an array of computers worthy of a NASA Control room.”

To credit the businessman and leader he was, Anthony was able to build a team of staff around him who understood his passion for providing solutions to customers needs. Today stand a team of people who continually go above and beyond to help customers succeed. Anthony’s legacy and DNA will continue to be the backbone of this company and he will always remain part of it.

To highlight the character of Anthony, at AWISA 2008, every order placed sparked the sounding of an air horn to let everyone know Planit had signed another customer. To this day, fellow exhibitors still ask us if the air horn is returning to another show, such was the impact of this antic. Perhaps at the opening of the next AWISA show in 2022, we should sound an air horn in his memory. 

Sailing has always been a passion of Anthony’s.  His love of being out on the water saw him take on many races in Australia. The one closest to his heart would be his annual trip to the Hamilton Island classic. In his later years, Anthony would regularly donate his time to his local sailing club.

We were privileged to have called two of Anthony’s children, Samantha and Dylan, colleagues over the years. Samantha served many years as our friendly voice in the Admin Team, and Dylan serving our customers as our Technical Operations Assistant. Anthony was very proud to have them both part of our Planit Family.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Anthony’s family and close friends. We will all miss having him around.

On behalf of the whole Planit Team – Anthony, may you rest in peace friend.


Steve Cugley
Planit Cutting Edge Solutions


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