When it comes to winning jobs and generating more sales, we can keep trying to match our competitors or we can surpass them.

In many instances, selling is a race. A competition to see who can do it cheaper, faster. In our quest to beat our rival at the bottom dollar it is easy to fall short at the service we are offering and if we stop to see what really drives an increase in sales, it becomes obvious that more often than not, the one who does it better wins the race. Win the race, win the sale.

It’s time to dream big and take your business to new heights. Don’t just create a design for your client, create an experience! Vortek Spaces will bring your projects to life and engage your customers like never before. It has changed the way we present our designs and is moving our industry in a whole new direction. Joineries are evolving with the fast pace of the technical world and gone are the days of basic computer plans. It’s time to go beyond CAD drawings, static renders, and tiny colour swatches. It’s time to go Vortek!

Vortek Spaces is one of our industries latest software applications represented in Australia by Planit Cutting Edge Solutions and even integrating with their leading cabinet manufacturing software, Cabinet Vision.

It is a revolutionary visual tool that is so efficient and adaptable, it can take your client from just seeing their design to feeling it. Think virtual reality – something that is set to become the new standard in design presentation.

It’s fast and it’s flexible!

Vortek Spaces will refine your vision and convey your design as a live 360° walk through, where clients can interact with their project by taking control of colour selections and material changes. It is extremely easy to use and is built to withstand the indecisiveness that comes from clients during the sales process. It can help eliminate costly last-minute changes as you are able to customise the colours and materials of your project at the click of a button to display the finished look, all prior to a single sheet being ordered. Vortek Spaces will provide your clients with a greater understanding of layouts whilst aiding in quicker colour selections and ultimately the closing of more sales.

The ability to demonstrate a live interactive 3D walk through of a project could be the difference between your design being understood, or your client being confused. Regardless, it will most certainly leave a lasting impression.

With a variety of platforms, it’s never been easier to reach your market. Use Vortek Spaces in your showroom on a big screen for a life-size experience. Take it with you to site visits using your laptop or Windows tablet. Even record and share videos on your website or directly to YouTube to showcase your work to a wider audience.

When we contacted companies that were using Vortek Spaces, a common response was:

"We’re definitely winning more jobs; our customers are loving seeing their designs in Vortek Spaces"

Vortek Spaces could be the point of difference your business has been looking for. Make an impression

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