What is Peace of Mind worth as a business owner?

Protecting your investment is crucial for any business owner.

When investing in your machinery and production systems, naturally you put plans in place to ensure they are protected. Your software investment is no different. You want to ensure your licence, together with your data & staff skills, are protected.

It may be that due to fire, theft, damage, or losing your licence, your software becomes inaccessible. Think about the headaches and the down time that this would cause your business. To avoid any potential and costly disruptions, Planit recommends taking the time now to ensure your software systems are protected.

Time spent now checking the arrangements you have in place to protect your software is well worth it…your computer hardware and IT infrastructure can be insured, but does that cover include the software and data installed on it? Prioritise talking to a professional to ensure you understand your current policy and the cover you have. There are professionals that know the value of software, licences and the data within your company, and have policies that are specific to this space.

When thinking about protecting your data, Planit likes to ask:

  • Is your data backed via numerous methods?
  • Is your data backed up both onsite & offsite?
  • Is your data backed up regularly?
  • How often to do you test your backups?

It is important to have a system of backing up your data on a regular basis to ensure if the worst happens, you can easily recover it and continue operating.

You never want it to happen, but what would happen if your software user left? Could you keep running? It may be a worthwhile investment to ensure that multiple staff in your business have the ability to use CABINET VISION. Not only is it an opportunity to provide staff a learning opportunity, and develop their skills, but it also puts systems in place to ensure your business keeps manufacturing.

A feature of Planit’s Customer Care Membership is our Master Licence Protection. This provides options & assistance if you need to replace your licence. To understand more about our Customer Care, and what the value of your software is, and the terms & conditions of our licence protection, contact your local Planit Representative via our website www.au.planit.com/contactplanit.

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