Ironically, change is the only constant in life. As much as it may be anticipated and even feared, it is the most important thing for us to grow and improve as we progress in both our personal, and business, lives.

Can you imagine life without technology? Where would your business be without it?

We all know software and technology have revolutionised the world of business – computers, the internet, machinery - what was once inconceivable is now considered a necessity, and the efficiency our software brings to your design and manufacturing processes is proven to be unmatched.

To date CABINET VISION, with or without S2M, has seen thousands of businesses streamline their processes and increase efficiency. It has been a tiered product, offered at different levels, with each level increasing its functionality so you could upgrade your system as your business grew. This was a successful solution and worked well, as many of you would have experienced. However, it became clear that our customers needed even more flexibility to be able to fine tune exactly what features of the software they had access to, and what features were not needed at all.

Businesses need a core product that can be built upon specifically, with individual features to suit individual needs. So, in the ongoing quest for improvement, it was realised that it was time to change. Progress cannot happen without it.

CABINET VISION Reimagined has been created to align our solutions to your processes. The CABINET VISION and S2M products have been redesigned into components, enabling each element to be a solution that meets a specific need. From the next available version, the way that CABINET VISION is packaged has been simplified. No more levels with set features. With Version 2021 you can build your own system.

We understand that change can be hard to implement. It’s human nature to resist change as we get used to how things work, we build routines and certain actions become automated over time, but we must remember, progress cannot happen without change.

When you look at your business today, do you know how it will progress with its current systems? It is important to realise that your business is where it is today because of the choices made to change. It is equally important to realise that opportunity to improve doesn’t ever stop, and we can continue to succeed by evolving. We can make our own opportunities through exploring new methods and we can build knowledge and strength by adapting to change.

At Planit we know that as times change, the way we deliver our service must also change. We advocate that although it is wise to approach change with caution, it is essential to understand your own capacity for growth and learning and then you will benefit from any challenges that change may bring.

With the increase in online work platforms and the reduction in physical workspaces, it welcomed the opportunity for us to adapt to these new environments. We have introduced simpler methods for supporting our customers which means the way we deliver our customer service has had to change, for the better.

The team at Planit embrace opportunities to evolve and this is our greatest transformation yet. We are excited to introduce new, better, solutions and continue to deliver customised, personable service to each of you. After all, your success is our success.


Written by Maddie Morrison, as appeared in AWISA Magazine | Summer 2020 Edition. 

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