Planit is excited to welcome new representatives to service our Customers. 

Trent McNamara has taken up 'Victoria West', after previously being part of the Planit Services Team. 

Jack Davison is new to the Planit Team, and has taken up NSW North. 


Getting to Know Trent McNamara

My name is Trent McNamara, and I am happy to introduce myself as your new Territory Manager responsible for west of Melbourne and country Victoria.

I’m a product of the industry, having completed my apprenticeship in the northern suburbs of Melbourne doing a range of different work, including assembling, installing & designing high-end cabinetry and commercial joinery.

I then moved across to Planit over 12 months ago to the service's team, where I began integrating the software into different workplaces, setting up machine’s and customising systems to suit and to create more efficient businesses.

I am excited to call past and meet everyone in the Victoria West territory in the near future and be able to help with any enquries. 

How to Contact Trent:

Mobile: 0438 525 095



Getting to Know Jack Davison

My name is Jack Davison, and I’m very happy to introduce myself as the latest addition to the Planit team, your new Territory Manager responsible for NSW North.

I’m a product of the industry, having completed my apprenticeship at Lidcombe TAFE (where I eventually learned to hold my drill straight), and worked my way through small workshops in the inner west suburbs of Sydney where we unloaded packs from trucks by hand, cut everything on the saw and did anything fancy with a couple of screaming old hand routers and razor-sharp chisels (if you couldn’t shave the hair off the back of your hand, it was back to the diamond stone for more). I was fortunate enough during this time to work in environments where I experienced the entire process of designing, producing, delivering and installing bespoke products for a wide range of customers in homes across Sydney.

I have endeavoured to ride the transition that has been moving through our industry over the last few decades, and is continuing without any signs of slowing down, from these traditional settings to senior roles in large manufacturing sites embracing 21st century technology and methods, working with different computer systems and machinery for design, ordering, part tracking, process management and systems execution. Over recent years, I have enjoyed countless hours drafting, creating and manipulating cabinets and programming products for major national retailers, apartment tower developments and large projects around Australia.

Moving to Planit was the logical progression for me. Here, I am able to share my knowledge and experience with other industry members and assist them in growing their businesses through the new opportunities, productivity gains and efficiencies that a tool such as CABINET VISION offers. I am excited to meet you all and discover some of the great work being done by other cabbies, joiners and designers around Sydney and northern NSW. As part of Planit's response to the current climate, I'm avalable to schedule an online meeting and discuss things over a video or conference call.

Thank you for your time reading this. Once able to, I look forward to hitting the road and meeting you face-to-face. I appreciate that all business owners are busy people, so if there is anything that I can assist with, or if you’d just like to bend my ear about something, please reach out anytime.

How to Contact Jack:

Mobile: 0429 464 372


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