If opportunity doesn’t knock,
build a door

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In business, history has shown us that success does not come to those that remain static. In a successful business, the same organisational processes, strategies or business systems, are not maintained over a long period or executed throughout a long lifespan. A successful business will recognise opportunities for growth and take them, or better still, create them!

A business that lasts the long haul and survives through the challenges to eventually plant some firm roots in its industry, is ever evolving. Such a business will constantly seek opportunity for areas to improve, and often that will require changes or additions in systems and processes, to meet current demands and increase profitability. In short, a business must evolve to grow.

This could be considered obvious, however, this basic yet important statement is often easily forgotten, as we all tend to find ourselves in the daily grind of only meeting the short term goals we have set out for ourselves.

So, stop and think….

When did you last take a moment and dedicate some time to setting some real long-term goals for your business?

When did you last sit back and reconsider the direction your business is headed and whether it has all the tools it needs to get there?

Our industry is ever changing, and we need to adapt and evolve if we are to find long term success within it. The technology we once feared due to being unknown, misunderstood and intimidating, is now the backbone of most businesses in the Woodworking Industry, and the increased efficiency that software and technology brings is undeniably responsible for the growth seen by many.

It is almost unheard of to design or manufacture joinery these days, without the use of Software!

In business we face many challenges and we must continually look for ways and areas to improve. Perhaps in staffing, managerial strategies, or business procedures. Or just as important, we need to constantly review our product offering and market placement, which relies strongly on the software systems and tools we have at hand.

Great reward can come from expanding and using multiple tools, systems and softwares to do so. Just as a in a factory you can have multiple machines running side by side to efficiently manufacture a variety of parts, front end office systems can work parallel to compliment a business and the variety of product or service it offers. Such diversification involving the implementation of new, different software, can offer reward beyond that of what an existing current system can bring.

From the challenge to improve, can come an opportunity to diversify!

For business growth it is essential to take opportunities and to invest in yourself. Advancing with the addition of a reputable, reliable software system, rather than looking to replace an existing one, will allow your business to expand with a different user base, bringing other skillsets, and a different product offering, therefore it will return a different result.

Such businesses who have taken the step to diversify and use multiple systems, now enjoy a quality of work-life balance that previous generations would be envious of, and many will never be so fortunate to experience due to their fear of change. Only those with the passion and commitment for improvement, will truly understand the need to evolve and see the importance of investing in the right tools to enable their business to expand through diversification.

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