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Software that revolutionised our industry
When Cabnetware was first introduced to the Australian market, CAD/CAM Software was a term hardly spoken about, and CNC machines were just beginning to enter the market. Across the 30-plus years, Cabnetware has helped revolutionise our industry through introducing the concept of Design to Manufacture, providing users the ability to detail their job and send it to their CNC machine. 

Planit would like to take this opportunity to announce that Vero Software (owners of Cabnetware and Cabinet Builder), have made the decision to end the ongoing development and sales of Cabnetware products moving forward. It is a decision that was not made lightly, and we understand the impact this may have on many businesses. 

For users of Cabinet Vision and Alphacam, we wanted to share this news with you, and to also recommit to our ongoing service and support of these products. All our Support Services will continue as normal, so you won't experience any changes due to this announcement.

Cabnetware Version 14 will be the final release, due to be released later this year. Any further sales of Cabnetware products have also been restricted. Planit would like to take this opportunity to reassure their customers using Cabnetware that we will continue to provide local support where possible, for the latest version of Cabnetware moving forward.

With this announcement, members of our team will be contacting all our Cabnetware and Cabinet Builder customers to share with them this news, and outline the options available to our customers. Alternatively, you can contact your Territory Manager to discuss further.  

Kind Regards, 

Graham Rutter

Director of Operations
Planit Cutting Edge Solutions or 1300 855 411


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