Imagine a new experience to allow your clients to not only visualise, but immerse themselves within their new project before it has been built. Virtual reality technology has been helping many other industries showcase their work in a whole new way. Now it can allow you and your clients to go beyond CAD drawings, static renders, and tiny colour swatches, to the feeling of being in their new room, with a live walk through and interactive colour changes.

This new technology is making its mark on our industry, with virtual reality tools providing designers and manufacturers the ability to convey their ideas and concepts to their clients better than ever before. Virtual Reality programs take the client on a journey through their new project, providing a greater connection with the design, and boosting their confidence in the finished result before the project has begun construction.

Vortek Spaces is the most recent evolution in the range of virtual reality technology for presenting designs to clients. The Vortek Spaces application allows you to give clients a full visual 360 degree walk through of a design, with the ability to customise colours and textures, and adjust lighting to give the most realistic result. Vortek Spaces is represented in Australia by Planit Cutting Edge Solutions, and integrates with their leading cabinet manufacturing software, Cabinet Vision Solid.

Vortek Spaces allows designers to showcase their projects and convey concepts in a revolutionary way, and features the flexibility to be presented on a variety of platforms. For example, Vortek Spaces can be shown live on a large screen in a showroom, a desktop or laptop computer, or tablet on-site with a client. In addition, Spaces allows you to record and upload regular or 360° videos for use on social media platforms, such as Facebook and YouTube. Customers can share their project with friends, or you can promote your designs via your company website.

As you take a client through their design, Vortek Spaces gives the ability to change colours & textures on every surface within the room, to help clients visualise how it will look. With an ever-growing library, Spaces gives you up to date choices from the latest trends in finishes. Clients can try multiple colour combinations within the project, to be confident in their choices and how your design concept will be completed in their home.

Designs can be brought into Vortek Spaces from both Cabinet Vision Solid and Sketch Up, giving fast integration between your drawing and an impressive, interactive presentation to your customer. Vortek Spaces is available as a convenient 3 or 12 month subscription, with an initial 15-Day evaluation trial.

As this technology expands within our industry, solutions such as VR Headsets and augmented reality will continue to provide greater tools to showcase our ideas and concepts. Virtual reality is set to become the new standard in design presentation.

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