2014 marks 30 years of operation for Planit. This is a huge acheivement by Director Anthony Passmore, and his management team. We take a look at how Planit started and the journey the company has been on.  Planit 30 Year Cake

The Solution Specialists, as it was originally known, started out providing medical equipment and IT assistance. Co-Founder and Director Anthony Passmore was approached by a cabinet maker, who wanted to know how they could run their business better through software. So The Solution Specialists involvment with the woodworking industry began. Cabnetware was a huge development step for the industry, and one of the earliest software programs designed specifically for the industry. During the first 15 years, Cabnetware was intstalled into almost 1000 businesses across Australia. 

solspec logo good.jpgIn 1997, the deicision was made to update the companies branding and image, with the name chagne to Solspec. This saw the company adapt a new product and new strategic approach. Solspec introduced a new logo, which was also incorporated with 'mustand coloured shirts' as part of our branding (how times have changed). But the update also saw the company take on a new strategic approach in its selling, introducing the turnkey implementation approach. The focus was on helping customer manage the change, and ensure their new system was up and running, and earning the customer money before we left. 

At the end of 2000, Planit Holdings UK aquired Cabnetware from its original developers. After a meeting with the groups CEO, Solspec was granted an inital distribution agreement for Alphacam, then only months later earning the distribution agreement for Cabinet Vision. 

Cabinet Vision has seen some signifiacnt changes over the last 12 years. As technology and the industry has evolved, so to has Cabinet Vision. With more features introduced in each version, combined with Planit's integration approach, many businesses have benefited from having Cabinet Vision driving their business. We have enjoyed connecting with our customers through our various seminars and events, and hearing how Cabinet Vision has helped grow their business and played a vital role in their success. 

dsc_0391.jpgThe company has grown throughout the years, in 1995 there was only 5 staff members; today there are over 20 staff Australia wide, supported by Joinery IT in New Zealand. Since the mid 1990's, Planit has had the strong philosophy of providing a solution to its customers. We want to support the industry by helping businesses make more money; with our success coming from our customers doing well. 
General Manager, Steve Cugley, shares that his highlight from his 19 years with the company is "watching the industry, and the company grow. Being part of the growth with the company has been a real highlight for me." 

So from everyone at Planit, we want to thank all our customers and partners for their support over the last 30 years. We look forward to another successful 30 years. 

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