Send Floor plans and elevations to the drawings page

Sending a View to Drawing

Most Views within Solid may be sent to the Drawings View for arranging and printing. To send a view To Drawings, simply manoeuvre to the perspective that you want (i.e. zoom, pan, etc, until the picture looks like you want it to look) and then right-click on the screen and click To Drawing or To Live-Drawing in the menu that appears.

After following the steps above, when you go to the Drawings View, the view that you just sent will appear in the Available Scenes area. Simply drag the scene out of the available scenes window and arrange it on the paper as desired. To drop the scene when you are ready, simply click the mouse. You may move the scene on the page after it has been placed simply by clicking the scene to select it and then grabbing the bottom left corner to move it around.

The scenes may be scaled by right clicking on them and then selecting the Scale option.

You can now select the scale desired

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