Estimating Machine Time in AlphaCAM

When planning production times, especially with a run of a particularly specialized part, it can be a great benefit to estimate the time for machining a part. An estimated time can be obtained from AlphaCAM for this information.

To activate the function in AlphaCAM Go to the Utils drop down menu, and click on Add-Ins.  Under the Free Options area, select Alphastudy (A.P.P).

Once Alphastudy has been turned on, there will be a new menu item under the File drop down menu calledTime Study. 

Create a part including all machining operations in Alphacam.  Select File and Time Study.

Units-Inches or Metric, Select the unit of measure used in Alphacam.
Machine Tool Rapid Rate – Speed the CNC machine travels at Safe Rapid Level.
                            IPM = Inches per Minute
                            mmPM = Millimeters per Minute
Tool Change Time – Average time the CNC machine takes to change tools.
Part Load/Unload Time – Average time for the machine operator to load and unload material.
Efficiency Rate – The speed the machine operator has set the CNC machine to run.

After the parameters have been established, select OK and the part will be analyzed.

This window provides a quick visual view of the operations and their processing time.

Selecting the View Report option, will provide a more precise break down of the part.  This will also allow printing of this report.

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