Run Grain Matched Doors

Setting up to Run Grain Matched Doors and drawer fronts to the S2M Centre is easy. Follow these steps:

Select the door style to use and Edit it,
Check the Door Panel Material Type.

You can also check the Vertical Grain direction button. This is only for graphics when viewing a textured elevation or 3D View

Do the same with the Drawer Front.

Select and Edit the Exterior parts file.

Select the Drawer Front number that matches the Drawer Panel Material Type in the Drawer Front File.
Set the Drawer Front Number to: Grain Along Length.

Select the Door Panel Number that matches the Door Panel Material Type in the door file.
Set the Door Panel Number to: Grain Along Width.

Save the changes and select the appropriate files in the Room Defaults of a room.

Note that there is a Match Grain check box to be checked on the room defaults screen. You can also choose to grain match on a cabinet or section basis on the individual cabinets.

Draw your cabinets

Send to the S2M Center and optimize the doors and drawer fronts.

Grain Matching is a feature of Cabnetware Ultimate when used with Screen to Machine Nesting or Saw Optimization.