3D Objects in Cabnetware

Need More 3D Objects in Cabnetware?

Are you asking yourself why you can’t get more objects to enhance your room design?

“I would love some nice plumbing fixtures for my bathroom layout to help my customers visualize my casework.”

The internet is your answer. There are thousands of 3D objects on the internet that can be imported directly into Cabnetware. All you need is a 3D DXF(AutoCAD file) file. The Kohler website is just one location to download 3D DXF files for many plumbing fixtures. Go to the following website and download “All 3D Symbols” to your computer.


After downloading the 3D Symbol file, unzip the contains of the downloaded zip file to your C:PlanitCabware_8_03DObjects folder.

1. Start up your Cabnetware program.

2. Select the Setup option from the File menu.

3. Select the User Graphics option from the Setup menu.

4. Click on the 3D Objects radio button.

5. Select the Import button.

6. A dialog box now appears

7. Select the DXF file “1201.DFX” which is a Whirlpool Tub.

8. Select the Open button to display another dialog box

9. Select a Category. Do not leave as Uncategorized.

10. Change the Description to Whirlpool Tub.

11. Select KB7160(main tub) layer name.

12. Select the Render Textures button.

13. Select a texture color for the main tub.

14. Repeat the process by selecting a texture for KT7160(overflow drain) layer name and the KJET(jets) layer name.

15. Select the OK button.

It may take a few minutes to import the object depending on the DXF file size and complexity. Now that the Whirlpool 3D object has been imported into Cabnetware, let’s place it into a room design.

1. Layout a simple L-shape wall design.

2. Select the Pick User Graphics option from the View menu while in floorplan view.

3. Select the 3D Objects option from the Pick User Graphics menu.

4. Select the 3D Object category where the Whirlpool Tub resides.

5. Select the Whirlpool Tub.

6. Select the OK button.

7. Select the Freehand button.

8. Enter “0” for the object height off floor.

9. Select the OK button.

10. Click on the floor plan to drop the Whirlpool Tub.

11. Click on the Whirlpool Tub to select it and drag it into position.

12. Right-click on the selected Whirlpool Tub to rotate it.

13. Render the room.