How to reinstall your licence when codes have expired.

Installing a CLS Licence requires a few different steps to the previous methods. This information will take you through the steps involved in how to reinstall a licence when codes have expired. Our Admin or Services team may also ask you to reinstall if we've updated any details on your licence. 

Our example below works on the scenario of an expired licence, and may look like the image below.

The following steps work in theory for Cabinet Vision & Alphacam when updating to new version. 

Follow these steps to rectify and reinstall your licence. 


Click on the images to enlarge:


  1. You will then be directed to this screen where you will need to start the process. Please be aware that an Internet Connection is required!
  • Click install License


  1. From here you will need to select the license you want to reinstall.
  • Ensure your server code and license file are matching as shown below.


  1. Ensure the number highlighted matches the code on the back of your key.

Check Licence


  1. You will then be prompted to remove existing licenses which you will tick on and the hit finish to finalise the process.

Remove Existing Licence


  1. Once you see the box below, Click ok and you should then have access to Cabinet vision once again.

Install Licence


For more information, please email our HelpDesk Team: