Object Tree - Adding Fridge Space Attribute

** Please note this is only avaliable in Advanced & Ultimate **

The purpose of the following example is to show how an attribute can be added to a cabinet through the object tree to allow a space for a refrigerator under an overhead cabinet, which can be modified quite simply once the process has been completed.


1. First start by drawing a wall and placing 2 or 3 Std 2 Door Upper cabinet onto the wall. Set one of the cabinets with a width of 900mm.

2. Next go into cabinet editor with the 900mm wide cabinet and go to the object tree

3. Now you are in the Object Tree, you can click the add button.

Be sure to change the [Type – Measurement] and the [Style – Attribute.]

4. Next change the name to Fridgespace (one word). Also tick the Value option, put a value in of 1800.   After doing this click “ok


5. Now you need to add an equation to the DY parameter which will minus the fridge space (height) value of 1800.


6. Highlight DY and click Edit, after that tick the equation box. The equation we will use is _TH (which is the wall height minus the soffit height) minus the Fridgespace attribute.  

7. The parameter below can be found along with other System Parameters in the Cabinet Vision help file.

8. After completing the steps above, return to the room elevation view and click on the cabine.
You should see in the cabinet’s properties at the bottom the Fridge Space Attribute that we added.
You can now change that dimension to suit the space where a refrigerator needs to be placed. 

8. Before saving the cabinet to you library, you should test that cabinet by changing the placement of it and also changing the height of it using the attribute that was created.


9. Now when you save the cabinet, tick the 'Preserve Attributes' option, and give that cabinet a name.