Enhancing Cabinet Vision's performance

There are numerous factors that can impact the overall performance of your Cabinet Vision software; your computer, your processes and your environment are a few to consider. If you feel Solid isn’t running as well as it could be, here are a few things you can check to combat any hindrances and keep your system running smoothly.

Your Computer

Antivirus software and Windows Firewall can often interfere with the installation of Cabinet Vision and the application of it.

When installing Cabinet Vision, be it a new version or build update, it is a good idea to disable your AntiVirus software, and/or Windows Firewall, temporarily to ensure the installation is not restricted.

Once the software has been installed it is also important to ensure you ‘allow’ it to run through your AntiVirus software and Windows Firewall once it has been reactivated.

Your Processes

Saving jobs to, or working on jobs, direct from a server or network can really impact the efficiency of Solid.

The ‘autosave’ option in Cabinet Vision will automatically save your work back to its original location at the specified intervals, and if this location is ‘busy’ or ‘sleeping’ (on a server for example) than you can expect random interference and/or delays while you are working on your job.

Try saving your jobs to your local hard drive whilst working on them, and then copy them back to the server once complete.

Also ensure the ‘autosave’ option is set at a reasonable time limit. 10 to 20 minutes is a fair frequency, and remember you should be training yourself to save your work regularly and not rely solely on this feature. Saving your work after certain milestones or stages in the job (particular before and after making complex modifications to a cabinet, part or shape) is a good habit to get into!

Your Environment

Take the location of your computer into consideration. A dusty and dirty environment creates heat, and heat creates poor speeds as far as the running time of a computer is concerned.

Blowing the dust out every once in a while and ensuring your computer tower has adequate ventilation may save you time, money and frustration in the long term.