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CABINET VISION 2021 | Coming Soon

Here at Planit Cutting Edge Solutions, we are excited about the latest release of CABINET VISION and can’t wait to see the changes that will come with this new version.

CABINET VISION Version 2021 brings improvements in Shadowline Production and User Interfaces, as well as a Redesigned Door Manager and more. It also marks the introduction of CABINET VISION Reimagined with Multipliers and Add-ons you can purchase to customise your system with greater functionality.

Customers may have already started to see information regarding this new release on eSupport and CABINET VISION’s Global Website. For our existing customers, we've made the decision to set the launch of CABINET VISION 2021 in Australia for February 2021. We understand how busy the lead up to Christmas is for many businesses, so we have decided to hold the release in Australia until the new year.

Our team have been working through the new features to ensure we can share details of how they will benefit your business and how best to migrate to the new version. As with previous years, where the Planit Services Team have planned and assisted customers in migrating from older versions, we are preparing our Roll Out plan for CV2021 to ensure businesses have a smooth transition.

In preparation for this new release, here are some tips to help ensure your transition to the latest version won’t cause unnecessary delays, headaches or expenses:

Get to know the New Version.

Software that plays a significant role in your business should be treated that way. Ensure you spend the time getting to know what new features are in the new version, what fixes from previous versions have come through and what might have changed between versions.

Taking the time to tune into our livestreams, watch our videos and read our articles, will be a great help in understanding CV2021 before jumping in and testing the new version. You should even consider booking in time with our Services Team so they can give you specific information regarding your system and the migration process.

Copy projects before opening them in the New Version.

Finish all your existing projects in the earlier version. If you want to open an existing project in the latest version, please make sure to make a copy. That way you can have peace of mind that if something isn't quite right, you haven't lost all your hard work.

Don’t go right to production. Test first!

We strongly recommend doing preliminary testing before migrating all your licenses. Install the latest version at a secondary station, if available, and run only small jobs through it. This is fantastic way to trial new functionality, troubleshoot and check in on any custom work or UCSs you might have without holding up the main production line. There are lots of updates in version 2021 that could have unexpected effects on your setup.

Start small and work your way up.

We recommend that once you feel like you are "production ready", that you start by designing and manufacturing a small job before moving to a bigger job.

Don’t go right to your network.

If you are running CABINET VISION on a network – do NOT download the latest version at a station connected to the network, as this will cause difficult-to-resolve issues for your entire network.

Stay Tuned - More about the new release will be shared across our website and Youtube, so stay tuned and keep up to date!

by Garry Thoroughgood,
On behalf of the Planit Services Team