Control Key Applications

The use of the Ctrl key in Cabnetware has quite a few applications. Here are a few common uses and a few that you may not know about.

When selecting cabinets, select one and then hold down the Ctrl key and select others. When they are highlighted you can click the mouse right button, <RB>, and select from the functions that will apply to all the selected cabinets.

You can also make certain size adjustments on the group of selected cabinets. These below are all changed in height at once.

Sometimes you may want to bypass your Customized cabinet <RB> menu. Do this by selecting a cabinet, press Ctrl and then click the <RB>. All the available modification choices show. Your customized menu will return the next time you use it.

Remember the Ctrl + <RB> when in Multi Cross Section to turn on/off the Full Section Openings display?

Then there is the very convenient Ctrl + CNC Center (Options or Tool) to bring the current job directly into CNC Center without having to run the cutlist then choose CNC Center and merge the CNA file with the templates.

In a Quick Job you can use Ctrl + Insert key to open a slot in the list to add a cabinet in if you are trying to maintain a certain order.

The Ctrl key functions are available in all Cabnetware layout programs with some variations depending on style.