Joinery company upgrades software to improve business


Practical Furniture production manager Matthew Stivicic said Planit's Cabinet Vision had improved the work flow

Top-shelf cabinet making software from Planit has helped Practical Furniture of Emu Plains to double its business turnover, while simplifying and smoothing the production process.
The western Sydney commercial joinery company upgraded from existing software to Planit’s Cabinet Vision, choosing the Solid Ultimate module, which managing director Tom Belinski calls the “Ferrari of software”.
“The upgrade has made work easier, simpler and faster,” he said.
“Speed is the biggest advantage. It’s easier to develop drawings, the software is much more user-friendly, and the operators can do things very quickly because of the software’s special functionality.
“For example, when making holes for shelves, we previously had to work it out for ourselves. Now the software does these things for you.”
Two operators at Practical Furniture were trained in late 2009, with a third now undergoing the course. Initial training takes three to five days.
“If I hadn’t moved to the new software, there’s no way we could handle the amount of business we do. It’s helped us to double our turnover,” Tom said.
“Of course, I’ve had to employ more people on the floor to assemble the cabinetry, but that’s a positive, because we can design so quickly now.
“Cabinet Vision makes life so much easier. The operators absolutely love it. It was more expensive initially, but I’ve no doubt the upgrade will pay for itself.
“We wouldn’t go back to the old software. That would be like going back to the Dark Ages. I would definitely recommend the software to other companies like ours,” he said.
Practical Furniture production manger Matthew Stivicic said Cabinet Vision had improved the work flow in two ways. “First, it means a lot more work going to the router – an estimated 25-plus per cent more.
“Second, in jobs that require workshop drawings to be emailed to architects for approval, we can send them in Cabinet Vision, which are then easily converted at a later stage to workshop drawings for cutting.
“Another big advantage of Cabinet Vision is that if you have to make changes to a job, for example to the board thickness, these changes don’t cause problems – unlike the previous software, where we would have to redraw the job.
“As well, you can see all the operations in Cabinet Vision. For example, if hinges are going to clash with shelving, you can see that. You don’t have to wait until you discover the problem on the workshop floor.”
The software upgrade was “not as hard as I thought it would be, although it meant changing some habits” Matthew said.
Cabinet Vision Solid Ultimate software has advanced capabilities that allow cabinet makers and joiners to take full advantage of solid modelling technology.
Solid Ultimate automatically generates shop drawings, 3D customer renderings, cutting lists, material requirements and estimating. It enables manufacturers to fully automate and integrate their design-to-manufacturing processes, saving time, eliminating costly mistakes and increasing productivity.
The program is essential for businesses wanting to automate their operations with CNC machines.