Version 8.3 Released

Some of the new features in the different levels of V8.3 Software Update Program are:

  • Import Google Sketchup
  • Mouse wheel zoom and pan
  • View & Modify Flooring
  • Grain Matching (on individual cabinets)
  • Mirror & rotate multi-draw views
  • Automatic Text (ability to add room & job information to drawings).
  • Eliminate Ceiling in Render View
  • Plus much moreā€¦.


Click here for more information on Version 8.3 features.

Click here to compare features in the different modules for Cabnetware.

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With the release of Cabnetware 8.3, Planit have launched a new system for software updates. The new Version 8.3 Software Update Program includes 1 Version Update, World Wide E Support & Point Releases for 12 months.

The other exciting release with V8.3 Software Update Program is Detailer now has the ability to add-on screen to machine, s2m. Giving you 2 levels of screen to machine connectivity for your CNC machine.

V8.3 Software Update Program Pricing

EDGECAM | Designer & Case Planner                           $ 598 + GST
Detailer & Cabnetworks                               $ 998 + GST
Detailer & Cabnetworks with s2m (cnc)    $ 1498 + GST

Speak to your Planit Representative today, or email Plaint on  to find out which Planit product will best suite your business & to find out how you can add s2m onto your Detailer program.

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