Improving our Level of Service

Planit has been reviewing the Customer Care service we offer, to see how we can continue to improve this service.
One of the areas we have been concentrating on is the return call time in Customer Care.
Before we can minimise the time taken to return a call, we must first breakdown ‘What is Telephone Support?”
If we start looking at the types of calls our Telephone Support Staff take, plus analyse the times for each of these calls we come up with the following findings:
  • Customer’s regularly call in with more than one support question and at times have a long list of questions.

  • Customer’s log a call as soon as they come across a question/query verses using the available resources they have in E Support Forum & Help Files to see if they can find the answer themselves.

  • Customer’s would call the Customer Care line when they wanted to learn how to use new feature/section of the software

  • Customer’s call the Customer Care line when they require training but can’t put aside a full day to learn the required functionality.
As an ongoing process of improvement both for our customer’s and for our Customer Care Service, the above challenges can be overcome. How can you assist us in this process?
  • Check the help file prior to calling & or check E Support forum for the answer, both the help file & E Support Forum are always being updated and contain a wealth of information on the program. Become a “super user” and solve the basic questions yourself, saving the hard ones for the Planit Customer Care staff.

  • Don’t wait until you have a list of questions or problems, this will only make the call longer. If every customer calls in with a list of questions, the call times go from under 5 minutes per call to over 1 hour per call (on average). As you can imagine this flows onto the next customer and so forth. Call when you come across the problem/ question.
  •  If you need training there are a few different options to choose from. Classroom/Onsite and a new option Online. You may find you don’t require ‘face to face’ training, then online training is an ideal cost & time effective option.
  • You may also find the training you require will not fill an entire day, so with online training you can purchase ‘1 hour training blocks’ (minimum amount you can purchase is 1 hour and we recommend a maximum of 2 hours at any one time.
    PAC man theory, bite away at your training on a regular basis.
Let’s clarify the difference between support & training.
If you are in a job and are experiencing a particular problem. Some examples of this are:
I imported a texture & rather than it being stretch and distorted I need it in a smaller size…..
I have setup a new drawer system and need to increase the depth of the holes for the drawer runners……
You can see how in both of these support topics the user knows how to use a particular function/feature but requires help in tweaking the feature for the desired result.
If there is a feature or function in the program you do not know how to setup/ use. Let’s use the same example’s as above but asked by a customer who requires training:
How/where do you import new textures into the program?
How/where do you add & setup new hardware for drawer runners?
Customer Care telephone support is there to help you get your system back on track.

If we all work together, Customer Care telephone support will be more effective when you really need it.


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