Small Steps a Winner

The team at waPlanit have always advocated that their software is best implemented in stages. Cabinet makers that introduce Cabinet Vision into their operation before purchasing a machine will enjoy immediate benefits and a seamless integration to a CNC when they take the next step.

Two newcomers to the world of CNC are happy to share their experience:-

Frank Trichilo from Crown Cabinets and Design in Balcatta said “I had to wait three months for the delivery of my new CNC and I used that time to become completely familiar with the Cabinet Vision software. By the time the machine arrived all our jobs were being processed through Cabinet Vision and we were preparing drawings, cutting lists and panel optimising reports for our panel saw. The machine integration was a breeze. I already knew how to use Cabinet Vision and it was only a few more clicks to get the jobs down to the new CNC machine. I would definitely recommend this approach”.


Luke Henderson and Clint Hutchinson from Salter Cabinets in Jandakot agreed that “the investment in Cabinet Vision was providing a significant return on their investment much sooner than they had anticipated.” Originally, they thought that it would be a couple of years before they jumped into a CNC machine. After seeing how much the Cabinet Vision had improved their throughput, the decision to take the next step sooner rather later was obvious. Now their CNC is all up and running and their productivity improvements have exceeded all expectations.


  With the release of Planit’s Cabinet Vision Version 5, you can now to enter at four different levels. All levels provide design and cut list functionality starting at $3,950


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