Next Step Seminars

The Next Step Seminar’s are networking afternoons showcasing software solutions for all aspects of business.
Design to Manufacturing, Price, Purchasing, Planning, Productivity & Profit.
Last year we ran Next Step Seminars in:
Wagga Wagga
Port Macquarie
Already in 2010 we have held Next Step Semianrs in:
Newcastle, NSW
Dubbo, NSW
Shepparton, Vic
We have highlighted Next Step Seminar’s that will be held shortly in:
Northern Beaches (NSW)
Western Sydney

We look forward to seeing you when we have our Next Step Seminar in your area. If you would like to request a Next Step Seminar in your area, please email and let us know where you want one held.

John Whinnen discussing with Country Kitchens what the Next Step is going to be for their business at our Dubbo Seminar.


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