Vale Dave Hughes

On the 6th July 1994, a small progressive Shopfitting company on the outskirts of Melbourne ( Bayswater was on the outskirts then.... ) Concept Shopfitters purchased their first licence of Cabnetworks.

The owner operator of the business Mr David Hughes, a 32year old go getter could immediately see the benefits of automating his operation and subsequently did so.

We lost Dave Hughes on Sunday 7th March to a sudden heart attack. He was 47.

Many of you may have had contact with Dave over the years. His irascible nature, his willingness to help anyone and his skill as a forward thinker enabled Dave to spread the gospel of automation.

He combined his company with Gary Danby to create Danby Concept Consolidated in Surrey Hills and bought the very first Nested Based Manufacturing system in late 2004-2005.

He was a legend and became one of the very few software Beta testers outside of the US. Planit US programmers always liked to run ideas past Dave.

You always got a very straight answer wether you liked it or not.

Over the years Dave opened the doors of Danby Concept innumerable times to fellow woodworkers, “there are no secrets” he was fond of saying. He allowed competitors, acquaintances literally anybody who was interested inside for a sticky beak at his imminently elegant yet simple setup. Those of you who have experienced a “Turnkey” implementation, know that we can spend several weeks onsite and in training to make it work.

When Dave took delivery of his first Flatbed, ( Danby Concept Consolidated now own 2 huge machines) our integrator was told to go after 2 days. Dave was miles in front of the game.

We’ve lost a great friend, a great advocate for the industry, a tireless worker in the Victorian Cabinetmakers Associated and a fair dinkum aussie good bloke.

To his wife Suzy and young son Nick we extend our condolences.

Vale Dave Hughes,

A life cut short but well lived.

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