Setting up a Glass Splash Finish in CV 2011 R1

To setup a glass splash finish in CabinetVision Release 2011 R1, follow the steps below:

1. Set up a new Finish Type as displayed below.

2. Set up a new Finish as displayed below. (This step isn’t necessary, however I do it so the colour looks the same in a solid render as well as a textured render.)

3. Import a texture to display on the material. Make sure when you import you select tile, enter an image size and then un-tick tile. Example image size 150x150

4. Create New Material as displayed below. Make sure you assign the finish, finish type and texture.

5. In your counter top schedules select the new Glass Splash material.

6. Draw a job using a material schedule that has the Glass Splash material assigned.
7.  Build a Splash using the New Splash icon in Elevation mode. Make sure you set the thickness of the splash in the properties.

8. Tweak the lights within the job you are rendering.
This image shows example settings for a room using ambient light.

Add in down lights from the furniture catalog available on e-support.

These lights are added in either floor plan or elevation and do display in 3d and the light schedule.

You can now click on one of the down lights in the lights layout and tweak the settings. Example settings can be seen below. Please note that if you change one light it changes every down light. They are not controlled individually.

9. Last step is to render. Remember that the angle of the perspective view you are rendering from greatly effects how light is distributed across a room. The layout and other objects in a room also affect how light is distributed.

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