Planit Training Classes

Want to “power up” a staff member so they can start using Cabinet vision software in your business?
Want your Cabinet Vision designs to have the “wow” factor?
Register for one of our Cabinet Vision Fundamental Courses or our Photo Vision Unraveled class today.
Cabinet Vision Fundamentals Course
Fundamentally understand and use Cabinet Vision software.

Day One – Introduction to Drawing 
Melbourne Training Centre -Wednesday 25/05/2011 & Monday 28/06/2011
Sydney Training Centre - Monday 2/05/2011 & Monday 6/06/2011
This will give attendees an overview of all the things to expect when drawing a job.
Day Two – Construction, Materials & Hardware
Melbourne Training Centre -Thursday 26/05/2011 & Tuesday 28/06/2011
Sydney Training Centre - Tuesday 3/05/2011 & Tuesday  7/06/2011
This is to show attendees how to setup Materials and Hardware.
The day also covers running through the Wizards to create a construction method.

Day Three – Detailing and Presentation
Melbourne Training Centre -Friday 27/05/2011 & Wednesday 29/06/2011
Sydney Training Centre - Wednesday 4/05/2011 & Wednesday 8/06/2011
First half of day will be focused on setting up title blocks and sending views to the drawings page. The second half of the day will be on presentation of 3D images, Colours, Textures and Photo Vision Options.
Photo Vision Unraveled
Bring your designs to life by attending the 1 Day Photo Vision Unravelled Training Class.

Melbourne Training Centre  - Monday 30/05/2011

Sydney Training Centre  - Friday 20/05/2011
This specialised training course is designed to help you learn more about.....
• Producing photo realistic renders
• Understanding Finish Types
• Add & modify lighting e.g. sun light, florescent lighting
• Reflections on different surfaces
• Import and apply textures & finishes
*Limited spaces available. To secure your spot in the classes, email
When the courses reach capacity Planit will determine the next available dates.

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