Sunset State - Old CV Versions

Cabinet Vision Version 11

New Policy regarding older versions of Cabinet Vision

With CABINET VISION Version 12 now released Planit is taking the time to inform you of an upcoming policy change being brought in by Hexagon Production Software (Owners of CABINET VISION).

CV2011R2 Splash Screen

CABINET VISION will begin to move older versions into a 'Sunset State'. Software in Sunset State will run as normal, but due to changes in systems, computer hardware and Microsoft Windows compliance, it can no longer be upgraded, purchase additional licences, be provided with a new USB Key, or be supported or updated in any way.

In summary, this means that:

  • We will not be able to assist with any issues with your PC, dongle or licence
  • Should you wish to update your software or have a problem with a licence in a Sunset State, you will need to purchase a completely new licence of the software in the current version. 

Sunset dates:
CV Version 9 - Wednesday 30th September 2020

If you own a licence for the above CABINET VISION version, a perpetual licence (RELEASE Code) will be issued prior to your licence being Sunset. This will take place automatically and needs no involvement from yourself. Those clients who decide not to upgrade will run the risk of losing access to replacement keys or other purchases which could result in halted or interrupted production.CV2011R2 Disk Image

Additionally, as with all software, older versions risk encountering problems with any new Microsoft products, computers or machines.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why are we doing this?

Like most software developers, CABINET VISION uses the latest technology available to ensure features are included and the software is compatible to provide the right tools for the modern manufacturer. CABINET VISION is investing heavily in developing the software in your best interest and want to encourage you to have access to these latest features.

The changes will enable CABINET VISION to grow the software much further and continue to offer the most value to our customers. We at Planit intend to do our utmost to help our clients through this transition.

If I don’t upgrade, will I still be able to run CABINET VISION?

Yes.  You’ll still be able to run your version of the software for as long as your computer(s), machine(s) and operating system can support it.  However, should you require any additional keys or licences, we will no longer have access to your version of CABINET VISION.  We will only be able to ship the latest version (currently Version 12). This includes upgrades, added licences, replacement licences, etc.

Recommended Action

Planit advises the best action is to update now before it potentially costs your business money in downtime and loss of production. To assist, We have put together an offer to ensure it is affordable to get up-to-date. But it won't last long:

Cabinet Vision Update OfferOur Offer includes:

  • The Update
    Get up to date with Version 12, protect your investment and save in the long run
  • 12 Months of Customer Care or Software Maintenance
    This includes all new version releases over a 12 month period
  • Flexible Training Options
    Tailor our training to suit your needs by choosing between online, in-house or onsite training
  • A Payment Plan to assist with cash flow
    Over 3 months with the first month being the required deposit (fees waivered)
  • Continued Support
    Access to Tutorial Videos and Handy Tips & Tricks Videos to ensure you quickly build your skills in the latest features
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Terms & Conditions

  • Orders for CV Ver 9 must be placed by 5pm COB 25th September 2020 (AEST)
  • Training and Customer Care (or SMP) must be included with the order
  • Parallel Keys are not compatible with Version 10/11/12
  • Offer of Payment Plan is via Direct Debit only
  • No Payment Plan fee applicable
  • Offer of 10% off exGST price for payment in full (as 1 payment) - no other discounts apply