When a company measures the efficiency of an investment (ROI) the key is to get the investment up & running and contributing back to the business in the shortest amount of time.

We understand this, which is why we have the philosophy of integrating our software solutions into your business, giving companies a "turn-key" solution.


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Features & Benefits of Integrations

Software Integration is not just about loading software onto your PCs, but also looks at how you build your product and teaches you how to create those unique manufacturing techniques in your Planit software. We ensure that your software is integrated smoothly into your business, ensuring we cover the key goals that you set out. That way, you can start using your software sooner, with less downtime and start earning a return sooner. 

Machine Integration not only gets your Planit software talking to your machine but jobs are tested and your software is “tweaked” so that when we leave your company you have the confidence knowing that what you design is what you are going to manufacture. We ensure that your software and machine are working together, just as if they were another staff member. 

Business Consultation gets you to think outside the square and utilises our Integrators knowledge & experience to make sure you have questioned all the processes in your business. Nothing changes, if nothing changes. We want to see your business taking steps towards a bigger and better future. 

Provide assistance in Process Documentation which can help to streamline your business. Setting up processes & procedures gives businesses a “handbook” on how to operate successfully.

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