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Planit Customer Care - Supporting our CustomersAt Planit, we understand the value of maximsing your profitability and keeping your business operating, which is why we have Planit Customer Care. 

The financial cost of unplanned downtime can be expensive and lead to additional costs to your business, such as delayed deliveries, lost sales opportunities and even lost customers.

Customer Care is our support program designed to ensure you have the assistance and resources available to ensure your business continues to operate and limit the amount of downtime your manufacturing may experience. The program also promotes using the latest technology to enhance your business and ensuring you have the support there whenever you need it.

The key areas of our Customer Care program include; Help Desk, Support Time, eSupport, Updates, Webinars, Tech Days and licence protection. 


  Features & Benefits of Customer Care        

Help Desk provides any Planit customer a single point of contact to our services team via a dedicated phone line. Help desk is an information and assistance resource that is designed to investigate enquiries quickly. Help Desk is a service that is available to all Planit customers across Australia. Our goal is to respond to calls in the shortest possible time using pre-prepared support articles, videos, forum links and various other helpful methods designed to help you find a fast solution.

Contact Help Desk on 1300 716 932
Email Help Desk:


Members of Customer Care can pre-purchase Customer Service Time to use when they need it most. This time can be used for any type of service such as technical support sessions, web rescue, online training and even onsite training. When you need our service or support we have a means of providing that service. You choose how you would like to spend your time to ensure you receive the greatest level of assistance with your software. 

  • Unused Customer Service Time can be exchanged for Training Time including online & in-house training and onsite integration's. 


E-Support is a worldwide online website available to members of Customer Care for their nominated product. E-Support provides a professional self help service 24/7. Members can download helpful information including the latest software builds, additional catalogues, Planit partner packages, Tech packages and lots more. Members can use this forum to ask questions, research topics, request new features and communicate with other Planit customers and technicians all over the world.

*eSupport is for Cabinet Vision & Cabnetware Customer Care Members Only

Click Here to access eSupport


Members of Customer Care are included in the Software Update Program for their nominated product. This program is designed to keep you up to date with the latest software releases of Planit products. Keeping your Planit software up-to-date means your business utilises the latest technology & features whilst protecting the investment you have made in software. As technology & features improve so does your software.  While current in Customer Care you will be subscribed in the Software Update Program entitling you to any releases and maintenance builds of the software for your nominated product.


Webinars will be made available only to members of Customer Care. This is a fantastic way of providing members with additional knowledge on our products. A webinar is a presentation, lecture, workshop or seminar that is transmitted over the Web. They are run frequently on various topics based off frequently asked questions and developments in the software.


Planit Tech Days are intended to allow the users of our software to spend time with one of our technicians to have some of your questions answered, preview the latest features and be trained on how to get the most out your software. Tech Days allow you to spend time one on one with a member of our services team to help develop your software.  


A cornerstone of Customer Care is protecting your investment. Our Master Licence Protection service provides security and peace of mind so that if your master licence is lost or stolen you can apply for a replacement master licence for a small application fee, payable at the time when lodging an application. This service can be offered on additional systems for an additional fee, per licence, payable at the time of joining and/or renewing Customer Care.

*Master Licence Protection is not available for Solid Essential Online



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