Insurance Cover for Software Security Keys (dongles)

Your Software Security keys must be insured for the full replacement value of your software to avoid experiencing severe financial loss in the event of one of them going missing, stolen or destroyed.

Our supplier’s policies are hard and fast and NO LEEWAY is given in these circumstances.

There are two main types of events that affect the replacement of your key.

1) It is physically damaged or stops working. (you have something that you can return)
If your key is damaged and you still have it, then it will be replaced and the current charge is a “reburn fee” of $550 + GST.
Damaged keys (including fire, flood, squashed) must be returned before claims can be accepted

2) It is lost or stolen. (you have nothing that you can return)


If it is stolen or lost then the cost of your replacement keys are as follows:-

Cabinet Vision and Cabnetware

1) The original Master Key – 100% of the total cost of all the options (full retail value).
Note: With the supply of a police report you may be entitled to a 50% reduction on the cost of the Master Key Only.

2) An Additional Key – 100% of the cost of an additional system.


At the “Next Key” Price (regardless which key went missing). 

Customers in Customer Care can enjoy the security and peace of mind that if their master licence is lost or stolen they can apply for a replacement master licence for a small application fee, payable at the time when lodging an application. This service can be offered on additional systems for an additional fee, per licence, payable at the time of joining and/or renewing Customer Care. Visit our Customer Care page to find out more.