Supporting your business towards greater success

Customer Care is Planit’s commitment to our industry in providing quality customer service to ensure businesses have the support and back-up they need.

Planit understands the tough business environment you operate in, so our Customer Care program is designed to give your business the support it needs to continue to operate efficiently and effectively.

Have peace of mind knowing you are backed by the experience of our Support Team; just one of the reasons why Planit are market leaders, and a trusted solutions provider, within the Australian wood-working industry.

Key Features of Customer Care

Help Desk

Cabinet Vision powering Australian Business

Our Help Desk team gives you diagnostic phone support with access to knowledge-based articles, videos and links at their fingertips. Giving you a faster response.

Customer Service Time

Screen-2-Machine Solutions powering Australian Business

Customer Service Time can be used for technical support sessions, web rescue (remote access) or training so you can choose the service that your business needs.

Software Maintenance

CABINET VISION Minimum Computer Recommendations

Software Maintenance keeps your business using the latest technology and features to ensure you maximise the investment you have made in software. Whilst in Customer Care, members receive download links to the latest version when released. 

Licence Protection

CABINET VISION Software Licencing

Peace of Mind knowing your licence is protected in the event of theft, accidental damage or fire. Licence Protection can also be extended to cover any additional licences within your business. *Conditions Apply

Interactive Sessions

Tech Days and Technical Sessions

Exclusive access to our live online webinars and interactive workshops covering a variety of topics based on product features, new functionality and areas of interest. These sessions bring the information to you.

eSupport Global Forum

Elaser Laser Measuring Software

CABINET VISION users have access to this global forum when they are a member of our Customer Care program. The eSupport Forum allows users to have discussions, ask questions, and download software updates.

As a member of Customer Care, and therefore our Software Maintenance Program, when CABINET VISION Global Developers release new versions or updates of the software, you’ll receive an email with a link to download and install the new version. Additionally you can access build updates for your version at any time via the eSupport forum, giving you confidence that your business will always be up to date with industry leading software which also means you’ll enjoy the benefits from always having access to the current features!

Commonly Asked Questions

What is Customer Care?

Customer Care can best be described as a 'group of tools’ that can be used individually or collectively to enhance the experience and success of using CV in your business. The components that make up Planit's Customer Care are listed above.

Is Customer Care a support fee?

No. Although Customer Care does include Support (Customer Service Time) it has many other benefits as listed above.

What if I don't use my Customer Service Time?

If you find you are not using your Customer Service Time for Support, a portion of your time can be converted into a discount on some products or put towards training. As standard, any customer service time not used will be rolled over into your next renewal, or a time only contract will be added to your account. 

How much does Customer Care Cost?

It depends on your level of software, due to the variations of the features available in each, as well as how many licences you own. Consideration is taken into account for Customer Service Time, Software Updates and Licence Protection for all Licences.

Do I really need Customer Care?

Yes. It is recommended to always have Customer Care alongside your products, to ensure you are always up to date and able to be supported efficiently.

Is there an alternative to Customer Care?

Yes. If you don’t need all the features of Customer Care you can invest in Software Maintenance only. The option of Software Maintenance provides you with Updates so you stay current and also allows you purchase additional licences or subsidise licence replacement if required.

What happens if I don’t get Customer Care or Software Maintenance?

You run the risk of not being up to date with your software and not having access to the latest and best features. Being out of date also means that your software could potentially become sunset and if you don’t have insurance on your licence you run the risk of having to buy again. In addition, current versions are matched to work with the current version of Windows & associated hardware. Old versions are not updated to work on newer versions of Windows & developments made in hardware. 

Customer Care, or Software Maintenance, gives you peace of mind that your software is always current and your licence protected.

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